Clipper Construction Is the Place to Go to When Looking for a Biolab Builder in Baltimore

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, has announced that they are seeking biolab projects in Baltimore and in the greater Baltimore-Washington DC metropolitan area. The construction professionals at Clipper Construction have the necessary expertise regarding the construction of biolabs, which requires special knowledge because of the biosafety requirements for such laboratory buildings. Since such buildings will contain potentially harmful microbes, there are four biosafety levels for biolabs that are indicative of how strict the controls are for the laboratory practices, facility construction, and safety equipment. Each particular biosafety level requires certain controls for the containment of biological agents and microbes. These are based on severity of disease, infectivity, transmissibility, and the nature of the work done in the laboratory facility. Biosafety level 1 means the microbes that they work on are low risk microbes, such as a nonpathogenic strain of E

Clipper Construction Reveals that They Are Also a Commercial Roofing Company

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, has revealed that they also offer commercial roofing services in Baltimore and neighboring areas. They offer construction services for the five common types of commercial roofing, namely: built-up roofing (BUR); modified bitumen roofing; metal roofing; single ply membrane roofing; and green roofing. They want to point that while there are many types of commercial roofing, it is essential to find the type of roofing that is suitable for the business’ needs, and the Clipper Construction professionals can help the clients with this. A spokesperson for Clipper Construction says, “Choosing a particular type of roofing for the commercial building is vital because it has to match the business image or brand. For instance, having a roofing that is sustainable can indicate that the business is focused on environmental protection, while having a shoddily built roof that is easily damaged can have a negative impact on the business’ image.

Clipper Construction Serves Baltimore's Restaurant Industry as a Trusted Construction Partner

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, has announced that they are currently constructing a bar and restaurant establishment in the Penn Station neighborhood of Baltimore. This is because their team of construction professionals have expertise in the building of restaurants for businesses in Baltimore and neighboring areas, whether it is retrofitting an existing building or constructing a restaurant from the ground up. The team of construction professionals that make up Clipper Construction have been accredited by some of the most prestigious organizations in the construction industry, such as Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, the OSHA, University of Maryland in Baltimore County, and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. The team of professionals at Clipper Construction have knowledge and experience, not just in the construction of restaurants, but also in the various aspects of the industry. This allows them to be involved with the designs made by arch

Michael Hunter Joins Clipper Construction as the VP of Business Development

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, is happy to announce that Michael Hunter has joined the company as the VP of Business Development. They are a commercial construction company that has sought to bring innovation to an industry that is traditionally invariable. The company’s team members have been accredited by some of the most reputation organizations in the industry, including the OSHA, Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Michael Hunter had gained a broad range of experience in technical, business to business sales, for more than 12 years and therefore has gained the requisite skills to help in solving even the challenges that accompany complex construction projects. He believes that a large part of his success was due to his ability to cultivate deep relationships with his clients based on honesty, mutual trust, and respect. He obtained as a Master of Business Admin

Clipper Construction Offers Design Build Construction Services in Baltimore

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, is please to announce that they are offering design build construction services in Baltimore and surrounding areas. This service is targeted towards small businesses and even larger corporations. They are ready to provide assistance to their clients in going through the entire construction process, from design, drafting of architectural drawings, working with engineers in designing the mechanicals, submission of plans to the city for approval of permits, drafting of the scope of work, getting bids from subcontractors, overseeing the actual construction, and finally the provision of the finished product. Design build is a kind of delivery method for construction projects. It is different from the other delivery methods with regards to the organization of the project team and how the information is provided to the various stakeholders in the project. The design build construction process is often preferred when there is a need to m

Clipper Construction Ready to Serve Commercial Maintenance Service Calls

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, wants to inform businesses and other commercial property owners in Baltimore and neighboring areas that they can serve commercial maintenance service calls. They can provide this maintenance service to local businesses, corporations, universities, hospitals, and more. These are usually small projects that can either be an emergency repair or a routine maintenance task. Examples include: a hospital needing to have their parking lot re-line; a local restaurant who wants a water line replaced due to an emergency; a college campus that requires a dorm lobby repainted; and an office building requiring the replacement of the shutters. Every commercial building or property will require maintenance services sooner or later. Whether it is a small office building, an office park, or a corporate campus, maintenance services are required to ensure that everything will be running smoothly and nothing will disrupt operations. The occupants of

Clipper Construction Also Serves as a Parking Garage Repair Company

Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, wants businesses and other commercial property owners in Baltimore and surrounding areas that they can also offer their services to those who require capital improvements or repairs for their parking garages. They are a commercial general contractor with expertise in commercial concrete works. For the repair and improvement of parking garages, they can provide various services, such as: waterproofing repair; concrete repair and/or construction; diagnostic testing; certified welding; structural connection repair; line striping; and drainage system repair. More details about their services can be found at . Just like other structures, parking garages will require some repair or restoration after some time. Exposure to the elements, including moisture, extreme variations in temperature, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, wear and tear, and the cold temperatures during winter, can cause such